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HNU Welcomes the Vice President of Auburn University

2017-07-19 21:17 



On the morning of July 18th, Ouyang Yao, vice president of HNU, met with visitors led by Liu Zhanjiang at the College of Life Sciences.


Ouyang Yao gave a basic introduction of HNU and its construction and development of biology. “Freshwater Fishes Developmental Biology Laboratory is the first national key lab named after ‘freshwater fishes’ and the first national key lab of a provincial university in Hunan. The construction of the lab will provide a hard core of technical support for the goal of earning hundreds of billion for Hunan fishery”, said Ouyang Yao. He expected to see that the cooperation with Auburn University can promote the development of the laboratory, build it into a crucial stage for freshwater fishes developmental biology research and exchange and stimulate the “Double First-rate” plan.


Liu Shaojun, director of the laboratory, presented a brief introduction about its platform and research direction.


Liu Zhanjiang expressed congratulations to the establishment and development of national key labs co-constructed by province and ministry for freshwater fishes developmental biology. He explained the function of the lab in terms of science and technology, talents cultivation, financial benefits and social effects. He emphasized that the lab’s primary mission was to cultivate talents who could radioactively contribute to our society. He said, science and technology could achieve higher level of development through inter-university cooperation. Thus he made a wish that both sides would send delegations to exchange visits.


Liu Zhanjiang made an academic report on the theme of “Using comparative genomics to study the biology of catfish”. Relevant representatives of teachers and students were present at the symposium.



Liu Zhanjiang used to be the vice dean and professor of College of Agriculture in Auburn University. He is now the vice president of Auburn University, in charge of science research. He is also a significant oversea judge of National Natural Science Foundation of China in second instance. Meanwhile, he is the editor of many academic journals in fields of aquaculture, marine biotechnology and animal biotechnology. His research focuses on fish breeding, and he has made great achievements in the breeding research of catfish and channel catfish.

Translator: 程莎  Proofreader:吴思


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