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Liu Qijun Headed a Delegation to Visit Universities in France and Spain

2017-06-03 22:41 

From May 21th to 28th, Liu Qijun, deputy party secretary of HNU, headed a delegation to visit the Sino-French Association in Montargis (Association Chine Montargis), University of Tours (Université de Tours), and University of Murcia (Universidad de Murcia).

During the visit,
deputy party secretary Liu and his delegation visited the Memorial Museum of Chinese-French Relationship in Montargis and Montargis Forest High School which was the first to offer Chinese courses, and discussed with Wang Peiwen, president of Sino-French Association about the development and management of the museum.

In University of Tours, deputy party secretary Liu Qijun met with Marc Desmet, vice president of the University, Pascal Meyer, director of international office of Centre-Loire Valley,and Benoist Pierre, director of Renaissance Research Center. They exchanged ideas about educational cooperations in faculties including Culture Industry Management, Cultural Heritage Conservation, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Public Administration. Issues like co-building Confucius Institute with cultural heritage characteristics, enlarging the scale of exchange student program, participating in EU project, and implementing distinguished students program of China Scholarship Council were discussed. Both sides reached a consensus and renewed the agreement on interschool exchange.

Deputy party secretary Liu and the delegation also discussed with Alleine Coelney, dean of French Center, Bruno Smaltz, professor of College of Science and Technology, Daven Porniatauxe, professor of College of Social Science about educational cooperation in French major, postgraduate and doctor programs in Chemistry major, and postgraduate program in Public Administration major. The delegation also visited exchange students of French major from Foreign Studies College, HNU.

In University of Murcia, deputy party secretary Liu made an in-depth exchange and reached an agreement about strengthening cooperations on EU project, exchange students, language training in Chinese and Spanish and educational cooperationwith Bemado Kascholes, vice president of University of Murcia, Matias Poliebali, director of international office, Ava, who takes charge of EU project in the office and professor Frór, dean of Faculty of Language

Included in the delegation were Wang Hui, minister of the Organization Department of the Party Committee, Zhong Sheng, dean of College of History and Culture, Chen Bo, dean of College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Yu Wangcheng, party secretary of College of Public Administration and relevant personnel in Office of International Exchange and Cooperation.

Introduction of the Memorial Museum of Chinese-French Relationship in Montargis
Located in 15 Loiret Street, Montargis, the museum was originally an apartment block that offered lodging to Chinese students of work-study program. In June 2015, Peoples Government of Hunan Province started the renovation project. It is the first museum of work-study program and the only oversea theme museum of Hunan Province. The museum consists of four exhibition areas: need of time, exploration of truth, distinguished Chinese students and everlasting friendship, and mainly focuses on history of work-study movement in 1920s. It highlights the theme of transforming China and the world in the New Culture Movement, contributions Mao Zedong made as a leader of Xinmin lnstitute in work-study movement in France and of Hunan characteristics, revolutionary activities Deng xiaoping started in France, roles Cai Hesen and Xiang Jingyu played in the founding of the Communist Party of China, influences of Zhou Enlai and early members of the Communist Party of China in Paris and significance of work-study movement in terms of Sino-France communication and friendship.

Introduction of University of Tours
University of Tours is a comprehensive public university. Founded in 1841, it was originally a medical school, and then established College of Law, College of Art and College of Science and Engineering, thus becoming a comprehensive university. It has about 24000 students and 1200 staff now.    

University of Tours is a multi-disciplinary comprehensive university and offers a wide range of courses and researches. 50 majors ranging from traditional subjects to professional and cutting-edge technology courses consist 7 teaching and research faculties (including Arts and Human Science, Center for Advanced Studies in the Renaissance, Law, Social Sciences and Economics, Literature and Language, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Science, Science and Technology), 2 Polytechnic Engineering School (including Production, Computer Science, Urban and Territorial Planning and Environment) and 2 University Institutes of Technology(IUT).

University of Tours has 43 researching teams and institutes, and 16 of them are in cooperation with large research institutes like the French National Center for Scientific Research(CNRS), the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research(INSERM), National Institute for Agricultural Research(INRA), and French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). Major researching events are held by 2 graduate schools working on 2 fields: health, science and technology (including basic science, materials science, engineering science,  biology, medical and health) and Humanities and Social Sciences(including humanities, cities and regions; renaissance culture; law, Europe, politics and managerial science; art, literature, language and civilization).

Introduction of University of Murcia
The University of Murcia was established in 1272 by the King Alfonso X. The current modern University of Murcia was founded in 1914 and has 30000 students. It has 16 faculties including Faculty of Fine Arts,Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Sports Science, Faculty of Industrial Sciences, Faculty of Documentation Science, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Computer Sciences, Arts Faculty, Faculty of Mathematics, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Chemistry and Faculty of Veterinary Science. University of Murcia also consists of 5 University schools: Nursing School of Murcia, School of Social Work, School of Optics, School of Tourism, Nursing School of Cartagena. It is the oldest university in Spain and ranks 10th in the nation.


Translator: 多昱静    



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