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The Delegation of Hanoi Normal University of Physical Education in Vietnam Visited Hunan Normal University

2017-05-18 13:02 








On the afternoon of May 17, the delegation of Hanoi Normal University of Physical Education in Vietnam, headed by its president Fan Chuncheng, visited Hunan Normal University. Vice President of HNU Jiang Xinmiao received them on the fourth floor of Red Mansion Hotel and Tang Jianwen, director of Office of the International Exchange and Cooperation , hosted the meeting.

Vice president Jiang extended his warm welcome to the delegation. He demonstrated that HNU has attached great importance to international exchanges. In recent years, HNU has formulated partnership with 155 universities and institutes from 37 countries including 7 universities from Vietnam. In the time when China-Vietnam relations is healthily developed, HNU has paid more attention to exchanges with Vietnamese schools. Vice president Jiang presented the current enrollment of Vietnamese students in HNU and expressed his expectation for more visits from students and teachers of HNUPE. He added that the two sides were undergoing the discussion of the joint project of Master of Physical Education and there would be a more close relationship with all-round and practical cooperation between the two schools.  

President Fan Chuncheng of HNUPE showed his gratitude for HNU’s hospitality. He mentioned that HNUPE has exchanged with China frequently after its founding. Many students have been studying in HNU, and lots of teachers of HNUPR has studied in China as well. President Fan deemed that China’s Physical Education has reached the top level in the world with rapid development and has weighed a lot in health development of teenager. So he invited students and teachers of HNU to pay visits to HNUPE and discuss the Physical Education especially in Exercise Rehabilitation to enhance the Physical Education of two sides.  

Both HNU and HNUPE hoped that this visit could strengthen the friendship and cooperation between the two.

Along with the President Fan were Du Yingjun, director of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation of HNUPE, Du Mengxing, director of the Office of Graduate Admissions , Fan Shixiang, director of the Training Office, Ruan shizheng, the director of the Finance Department and so on. The heads of relative offices of HNU attended this meeting as well.

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