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The Educational Research Group of Principals from Kazan of Russia Visited Hunan Normal University

2017-03-31 20:50 






On the afternoon of March 30, the educational research group of principals from Kazan of Russia visited Hunan Normal University, and the welcome ceremony was held in the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation. Present  were  Haji Hurin, the director of Education Bureau of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan, Ala Islla Nova, vice director of Education Bureau of the Soviet Region in Russia, and Jiang Xin Miao, vice president of HNU. And Tang Jianwen, director of International Exchange and Cooperation, served as a host.   

President Jiang extended warm welcome to the education research group of principals from Kazan of Russia. He said that the cooperation in education between China and Russia would serve as a great opportunity for promoting the education program of belt and road and help its opening, exchanging and integrating. The platform for cooperating and exchanging views and experience has been established through Confucius Institute. So he hoped that a widen space for exchange and cooperation can be created when principals and presidents of both sides take the situation of each other into consideration during this visit.

Haji Hurin showed his sincere gratitude for the hospitality of HNU. He introduced the education results and Chinese teaching situation in elementary and secondary school of Kazan and expressed his hope for constant support from Confucius Institute of Kazan for China education exchange. Besides, he talked about the future plan about cooperation in expanding Chinese teaching, developing Chinese teacher, providing exchanging platform and so on.

Li Lanyi, dean of Confucius Institute of Kazan University, said that it was the third visit  of the education research group of principals from Kazan of Russia to HNU, and it showed the everlasting friendship between the two sides. So she wished further exchange about culture and cooperation between the two.

Along with the group were Vallee Ieva , principal of the 175 middle school in Soviet Region of Kazan,Gru Haliewa, principal of the 35 middle school in Privolzhsk Region of Kazan, Aarthi Bo Va ,principal of the 132 middle school in the new Saweinuofusike District of Kazan, Ahmet Vodianova ,principal of the 132 middle school in Moscow District of Kazan,and Nigel U Nova,principal of the 132 middle school in The new Saweinuofusike District of Kazan. 



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