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German Designer Klaus Hesse Visited College of Fine Arts

2016-10-02 13:30 


On the afternoon of September29
th, Professor Klaus Hesse, dean of the Communications Design Department at the
University of Art and Design Offenbach(HfG)an internationally renowned designer, visited College of Fine Arts at HUN, where he gave a wonderful lecture themed with No Barrier. Teacher Su Feng was the translator.

Li Shaobo, dean of College of Fine Arts, briefed on Professor Klaus Hesse and HfG. He remarked that this lecture was aimed at updating students on international design art, hosting anexcellent academic activity for them, and enhancing teaching quality in College of Fine Arts.

Starting with the goal of design, Professor Klaus Hesse lectured on the function of design and the Dualattribute of graphic design. For him, design is not just about transforming and transferring information, but also about emotion, about striking a chord with the audience. He told the students that design is neither math nor science, and what a designer needs is acute intuition, willingness to advance with the time as well as fine taste. He then shared his working experience in his first workshop in Düsseldorf, introduced the history of HfG, and talked about his design concept with an example of B3 project diagram.

It issaid that Who Am I –The Achievement Exhibitionof the 2016 famous oversee teachers program of Hunan province, created by juniors of visual design major, instructed by Professor Klaus Hesse, is on display in the Fine Arts Building until October 12nd.

                                                                                                                                                 Tanslator: 彭露娴





















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