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Tianhan Culture in Japan,a Concert in Honor of the Sino-Japan Friendly Exchange Between Teachers and Students, Was Held in HNU

2016-11-12 12:18 



On the afternoon of November 10th, a concertTianhan Culture in Japanwas held in honor of Sino-Japan friendly exchange between teachers and students in the small concert hall in the College of Music in HNU. Tian Han’s niece, Tian Wei, head of the Oriental Art and Culture troupe of Japan, director of the Tianhan Cultural Exchange Organization, attended the concert with members of the troupe. Present were Yang Ling, dean of International College of Chinese language and culture in HNU, and Luo Rong, party secretary of the College of Music. The concert was presided by Li Zuyuan, head of the liaisonde partment of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Hunan province.

Party Secretary Luo Rong delivered awelcome speech. On behalf of the College of Music in HNU, she extended a warm welcome to the Japanese delegation and briefed them on HNU and its Music college. She pointed out that under the school motto, namely Be humane,caring,excellent and industrious, HNU has been striving to be a first-class university in China featuring teacher-training with an international influence; the visit by Tian Wei would enhance the understanding and cooperation between HNU and the Tianhan Cultural Exchange Organization. She hoped that both side will help to further dig out values in Tianhan Culture, expand its influence and promote Sino-Japan friendly exchanges.

Mrs. Tian gave a lecture on the subject of Tianhan Culture in Japan and shared her experienceof learning overseas and spreading Tianhan Culture. She explained that Chinese anthem gave her the fundamental motivation to establish the Oriental Art and Culture troupe of Japan and the Tianhan Cultural Exchange Organization inJapan, supporting her to work for the cultural communication between China and Japan. She also talked about her uncle Tian Han’s glorious life, and her deep love for her mother country and her uncle. She wished that the Tianhan Spirits and the culture of Chinese anthem could be ever-lasting.

During the concert, the Oriental Art and Culture troupe of Japan sang the popular traditional Japanese folk music the Spring of the Northland and recited the ancient Chinese poem Spring View in both Chinese and Japanese; Mrs. Tian sang the Okinawa folk song Spring on the 19th; students in the College of Music performed shows like the Umbrella of Red Seedling and Our lives are full of sunshine.

After the concert, HNU exchanged presents with the Tianhan Cultural Exchange Organization.

Nearly 200 teachers and students attended the concert.

                                                                                                                                     Translator: 彭露娴     


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