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Chinese Language Programs


The    International College of Chinese Language and Culture is a special college    for Chinese Language study. Here we offer Chinese Language training program    and bachelor and master programs of Chinese Language. It is in this    institute that the Chinese Culture Education Base, the HSK (the Chinese    Proficiency Test), the TCFL Capability test, and the ZHC (the Professional    Chinese Proficiency Test) testing site for Hunan Province are located. More    than 30 experienced teachers are teaching here; they provide specialties of    Chinese, international Chinese teaching and Chinese Study. Besides the    classes with intensive lectures and practices, we organize students to make    friends with Chinese counterparts who are fluent in Mandarin. Tour of    Chinese culture, taste of Chinese society, language activity and parties    with students from all over the world are also the items already on the    schedule. Our goal is to let our students exposed to the brilliant Chinese    culture and to improve their Chinese language abilities in practice.

   Website link: http://icclc.hunnu.edu.cn/  


Here    we provides Comprehensive Chinese, Oral Chinese, Chinese Listening, Chinese    Writing, Chinese Characters, Chinese Reading and HSK training courses for    all different Chinese level students. Except Chinese language courses, we    also provides Chinese culture courses as Interest class, such as Chinese    Traditional opera, Paper Cut, Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, Taijiquan and    so on.

Class    arrangement

At the    beginning of the semester, the college will give all the students placement    test, and arrange students in certain class according to their Chinese    proficiency. Generally, here we have A, B, C, D, E, F or even G class. Each    class is about 20 students.

Teaching    Situation

We    have professional teachers to teach foreign students Chinese language    courses. We have special Chinese Listening Class with modern equipments.    And each classroom is not big but small, because it provides close distance    between the students and teachers and let the classroom communication be    more smoothly.

Students      are having
     Chinese Culture course

Students      are having a test

Group      discussion