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WANG Shanping

WANG  Shanping was born in Shaoyang, Hunan Province in October 1964. He is a    member of China Democratic National Construction Association, Ph.D,    second-grade professor, vice president of Hunan Normal University.


Education    Background

1987,    BEc in Industrial Economics, Hunan College of Finance and Economics (now    North Campus of Hunan University)

1988-1989,    participant in advanced study on International Accounting and Taxation for    Teachers in Xiamen University, sponsored by UNESCO

1992-1995,    Economics MA in Accounting, Southwest University

2001-2004,    Doctor of Management in Accounting, Zhongnan University of Economics and    Law


Work    Experience

2001,    full professor in Hunan University

2004,    Ph. D program supervisor in Accounting, Hunan University

Ph. D    program supervisor of Economic Law and Statics, Hunan Normal University

Master's    supervisor of Accounting, MBA, Finance, Hunan Normal University

2006,    selected member of New Century Talents Project, New Century Talent    Supporting Project by Education Ministry and specialists with State Council    Special Allowance

Former    assistant dean, deputy dean of Hunan College of Finance and Economics,    deputy dean, dean of School of Accounting (now Business School), Hunan    University, committee member, standing committee member of Provincial    Administration Committee, Hunan Province,

Current    standing member of the 12th People's Congress of Hunan Province, Ph. D    program supervisor in Accounting of Hunan University, standing member of    China Democratic National Construction Association of Hunan Province,    member of Accounting Society of China, vice chairman of Accounting Society    of Hunan Province, vice chairman of Banking Accounting Society of Hunan    Province, standing member of Hunan Institute of Certified Public    Accountants and consultant of Hunan Association of CFO


Primary Academic Activities and Achievements

Senior    researcher in the fields of Management of Accounting and Auditing    especially property rights protection, governance of organization and the    management of accounting and auditing.

Organizing    researcher of 2 projects (99BJY011, 08BJY025) of National Social Science    Foundation, 1 project (70372040) of National Natural Science Foundation of    China and multiple key projects at the provincial and ministerial levels

In charge of a provincial key discipline (Accounting), key Humanities and    Social Science Research Base Research on Risk-Oriented Auditing, elaborate    courses Auditing Research and Fundamental Accounting

Author    of 5 monographs such as Research on Institution Arrangements of    Independent Audit Based on Matching Rights and Responsibilities , with    2 monographs rated as second prizes of provincial and ministerial Outstanding Scientific Research Achievements Awards

Author of over 100 theses in Accounting Research , Journal    of Financial Research etc.


In    charge of Finance Department, Management Office of schools attached to    Hunan Normal University, Hunan Normal University Press, Hunan    Higher-Education Teaching Training Center, High-School Headmaster and    Teacher Training Center of Hunan Normal University, Continuing Education    College, and the connection of Business College, The High School Attached    to Hunan Normal University



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