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LIAO Zhikun

LIAO  Zhikun was born in Hengnan county, Hunan Province, in April 1968. He's a    Ph.D, professor, Ph.D program supervisor, director of China United Front    Theory Research Association, editor of "News Education" of China    Journalism Yearbook , member of University Council and vice    president of Hunan Normal University(hereinafter called HNNU).


Education    background

Jun. 1989,Bachelor of Historiography, School of History and Culture, HNNU

Jun. 2010, Doctor of Historiography, School of History and Culture, HNNU


Work    Experience

Jul. 1989, officer of Publicity Department of the University Council, HNNU

Dec. 1992, chief editor of Journal of Hunan Normal University

Dec. 1995, vice minister of Publicity Department of the University Council, HNNU    

Sept. 1997, vice minister of Student Affairs Department,HNNU

Sept. 1999-Dec. 2001, concurrent secretary of Youth League Committee,HNNU

Aug. 2000, associate professor

Jun.  2002, minister of The United Front Work of Department of University Council    , HNNU

Dec.  2005, director of University Council Office, HNNU

Jul.  2007-Dec. 2008, concurrent director of Department of Logistic Management,    HNNU

Dec. 2009, director of Finance Department of HNNU

May 2010, member of University Council , secretary of Discipline Inspection    Committee

Jul. 2012-Apr. 2013, concurrent dean of School of Journalism and Communication,    HNNU

Oct. 2015, member of University Council and vice    president, HNNU


Primary    Academic Activities and Achievements

Author    of over 50 theses in Guangming Daily , Journalism    Review , Modern Communication , Journal    of Higher Education etc., part of which reprinted by Xinhua    Digest , Material in the Copy Press from Renmin University and    university academic abstracts, first prize of Hunan Newspaper System    Favorite Comments with "Sober Thinking of Development"(1993)    included in "Comments " of China Classic News of A Century,    edited version included in All-China Journalists Association, author of    multiple theses including "The Twisted Reflection of Political    Transformation of Modern China: The Study of Yuan Shih-kai's Political    Thought", co-compiler of unified compiled teaching materials including    Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought ,Hunan    Award of "Works in Five Fields", second prize of Hunan    Outstanding Social Science Achievement Award, third prize of theoretical    research award by The United Front Work Department of CPC Central    Committee, award of Excellent Theses by National Academy of Education    Administration, first prize of Theoretical Research Award by The United    Front of Hunan, third prize of provincial Teaching Achievements Award,    first prize of Teaching Achievements Award of HNNU, the first Top Ten    Outstanding Young Teachers of HNNU(2006), organizer of or participant in    projects of The National Social Science Fund of China and The Humanity and    Social Sciences Projects funded by Ministry of Education, major projects,    key projects and general projects of Hunan Social Science Fund



In    charge of Human Resources Office, The Construction Department, Department    of Real Estate Management, Archives, Development and Planning    Department(211 Project Office), School of Journalism and Communication,    College of Mathematics and Computer Science, HNNU



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