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TANG Xianqing

TANG  Xianqing was born in Dongkou County, Hunan Province, in Nov. 1966. He's a    Ph. D, second-grade professor, Ph. D program supervisor and member of    University Administration Committee of Hunan Normal University and    secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection Office.

Education    Background

Graduate    of Shaoyang Normal College, Hunan Educational Institute, Northwest Normal    University and Hunan Normal University, master in the History of Chinese    language, doctorate in Chinese Linguistics and Chinese Philology,    postdoctoral researcher of Institute of Linguistics, Chinese Academy of    Social Science (2003-2005)


Work    Experience

June.    1994, teacher of Central South University, deputy dean of the College of    Literature and Journalism, Central South University

2004,    full professor

2005,    selected Ph. D program supervisor for Chinese Philology

June.    2005, teacher of Hunan Normal University, deputy dean of Liberal Arts    College, Hunan Normal University

2007-early2008,    visiting scholar in Harvard University, USA

Sep.    2010, director of Office of Social Science

Nov.    2015, member of University Administration Committee, secretary of    Discipline Inspection Committee, Hunan Normal University

Primary    Academic Activities and Achievements

Winner    of Special Government Allowance granted by the State Council, evaluation    expert of National Social Science Fund Program, New Century Talents    Project, Supported by Program for New Century Excellent Talents in    Universities, Ministry of Education, first winner of Excellent Doctoral    Dissertation on Philosophy and Social Science in Hunan Province, Chair    Professor of Lotus Scholars, training leader of Hunan Province Ordinary    College Disciplines, vice chairman of Hunan Linguistics Society, editor of Research    In Ancient Chinese Language,Overseas Chinese    Education and Journal of International Chinese    Studies, member of Linguistic Expert Committee of Social    Sciences in China Press  

Senior    researcher on Chinese grammar, author of 2 monographs, chief editor of a    series of Study On Chinese Adverbs, chief    editor of 1 textbook, participant editor of 10 textbooks, author of over 80    theses in Social Science in China etc. with many    theses reprinted in full text or excerpted, organizing scientist of 3    projects of National Social Science Foundation including 1 major bidding    project of National Social Science Foundation, 15 provincial and    ministerial scientific research projects, organizing 3 provincial course    reforms, winner of 1 second prize of Chinese College Humanities and Social    Science Outstanding Research Achievements Award and 12 prizes at the    provincial and ministerial levels including 1 first prize of Hunan Province    Philosophy and Social Science Achievements Award



In    charge of Commission for Discipline Inspection Office, participant in the    management of Audit Department, College of Fine Arts and Liberal Arts    College, Hunan Normal University




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