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JIANG Xinmiao

JIANG Xinmiao was born in Dong'an county, Hunan Province in October 1964. He is a    Ph.D, second-grade professor, Ph.D program supervisor, member of University    Council , vice president of Hunan Normal University.


Education Background

1997,    Doctor in Private International Law, Wuhan University


Work Experience

Teacher (as the first doctorate in Private International Law) in Law School of Hunan Normal University

Former dean of School of Law, Director of Office of Social Science, Academic    Affairs Office

Post-doctoral researcher in Institute of Law, China Academy of Social Sciences

Furtherresearches on lawsfor international adoption in German and Switzerland


Primary Academic Activities and Achievements

Senior    researcher on Private International Law and Legal Logic, Legal Methodology    and first specialist in international adoption

Lecturer    of the courses: Private International Law (available in iCourses ),    Comparative Civil and Commercial Law, Law for Foreign Marriage Relationship    Legal, Logic and Specialized English

Organizing    researcher of 1 project of Young Experts and 1 general project of The    National Social Science Fund of China, 10 provincial and ministerial    projects

Author    of over 100 theses in Chinese Journal of Law , China    Legal Science , Jurists Review , Law    Review etc., 5 theses in journals in HK, Macao and abroad

Author    of 6 monographs

Chief    editor of 2 textbooks of 11th Five-Year Plan National Planning Materials, 1    textbook of 12th Five-Year Plan National Planning Materials

Lecturer    of 1 National Essential Course and 1 Exquisite Resource Sharing Course

In charge of Comprehensive Reform of Legal Science Pilot Project of Hunan    Province

Winner    of 1 third prize of The Humanities and Social Sciences Projects funded by    Ministry of Education, 1 third prize of The Humanities and Social Sciences    Projects granted by Ministry of Justice P.R.C, 1    first prize and 3 second prizes of The Humanities and Social Sciences    Projectsof Hunan Province

Member    of Discipline Evaluation Group of the State Council, ELT Advisory Board    under the Ministry of Education, vice chairman of China Society of Private    International Law, member of China Law Society, member of China Society of    International Economic Law, Hunan Discipline Evaluation Group of Hunan    Province, Experts Consultative Committee of Hunan Provincial People's    Procuratorate, Changsha Arbitration Committee,

Winner of the 5th The National Ten Outstanding Young Jurists, Education Ministry's    New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Plan, New Century Talents, New    Century Talents Project, National Young Experts with Outstanding    Contributions, evaluation expert of The National Social Science Fund of    China, the 3th Hunan Outstanding Social Science Expert, Chair Professor of Lotus Scholars, New Century 121 Talent Project in Hunan Province, Hunan New    Century Talents of 121 Projects



In charge of Department of Logistic Management, Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, Security Office, Legal Affairs Office, International    College of Chinese Language and Culture, Law School and School of Life    Sciences.



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