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Confucius Institute in Kazan Federal University Celebrated its 10th Anniversary. Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li Hui Was Present.

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On April 21st local time, Confucius Institute in Kazan Federal University celebrated its 10th anniversary. Present at the ceremony were Li Hui, Chinese Ambassador to Russia, Zhao Guocheng, Minister-Counselor of Education Department of Chinese Embassy in Russia, Wu Yingqin, Consul-General for China at Kazan, Valeev, President of educational, scientific and cultural affairs of Republic of Tatarstan State Council, Gafurov, Rector of Kazan Federal University, Kuang Leman, Vice-president of Hunan Normal University, etc.

At the Green Hall of the main building in Kazan Federal University, a friendly talk was held among leaders and guests at the ceremony, including Ambassador Li. Rector Gafurov briefed the Chinese delegate on Kazan Federal University, and Vice-president Kuang conveyed a message of congratulation on the 10th anniversary of the Confucius Institute from President Jiang Hongxin.

During the celebration ceremony held in Tsar Hall, representatives from China and Russia gave speeches successively. Rector Gafurov firstly extended a warm welcome to the guests present and congratulated on the 10th anniversary of the Confucius Institute. He emphasized the long history of Oriental Studies in Kazan Federal University. With more and more young students learning Chinese, the promotion of sinology has entered a crucial phase as well. At last, he expressed his great expectation for the future development of Confucius Institute.

On behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Russia, Ambassador Li Hui extended hearty greetings to both partner institutes--- Kazan Federal University and Hunan Normal University. He pointed out that the establishment of Confucius Institute and Russian Center on both sides clearly highlights the strengthening of mutual understanding and cultural exchange and cooperation. More and more Russian students and citizens have developed a strong interest in Chinese language and culture. Confucius Institute in Kazan Federal University today represents the sweat and effort of everyone. He hoped that both universities can stand on the new starting point of 10th anniversary, keeping on building excellent courses and improving teaching qualities in line with the needs of bilateral ties development and people’s communication between both countries. He aimed to set Confucius Institute in Kazan Federal University as an example of educational cooperation between both countries and build it into a foundation of developing young promoters of Sino-Russian friendship.

On behalf of HNU, Kuang Leman expressed warm congratulations on the tenth anniversary of Confucius Institute in Kazan Federal University, showed heartfelt thanks to the government of China and Russia and the leaders of relevant departments that cared for and supported the establishment and development of Confucius Institute at KFU and extended sincere greetings to the teachers of two countries working in the forefront in Confucius Institute. He said the Confucius Institute had yielded fruitful results in the past ten years, which was achieved throughthe continuous endeavor and common efforts of the teachers and students of two universities. It was also the signature achievements of the cooperation between the two universities in the recent thirty years.

In the celebration meeting, Gafurov and Li Hui signed the agreement on the cooperative construction of the Confucius Institute at KFU between China’s Confucius Institute Headquarters and the KFU of Russia. After the signing ceremony, kaflov and Kuang Leman bestowed the certificate of honor on Zhayinulin, Russia’s dean of the Confucius Institute, and Li Lanyi, China’s dean of the Confucius Institute.

Later, the little concert started. The Russian singer Маским Прохоров brought a song named “Fly Higher” to the audience with very beautiful Chinese pronunciation. The excerpt from Beijing opera “Mounting Patterns” and the song “I Love You, China” pushed the concert to a climax.

On the day of celebration, Li Hui, Minzaripov, vice-rector of KFU and Kuang Leman attended the cutting ribbon activity about the establishment of sinology research education center and the book launch of ten years—to the Confucius Institute in Kazan Federal University and the cosmopolitism and Kang Youwei at the turn of the 19-20 century. The establishment of the sinology research education center of the Confucius Institute of KFU will be the important footstone and support of the development of scientific research of the Confucius Institute and also the significant propulsive force to building the research-oriented and innovation-oriented Confucius Institute.

During the celebration, the guests visited the Confucius Institute at the invitation and observed the calligraphy class given by the volunteer teachers of Confucius Institute.

After the celebration, Kuang Leman and Li Lanyi accepted the interview of People’s Daily and China Radio International, talking about how to broaden the area of cooperation and promote academic and cultural exchanges of two countries.

Attendees included the members of the delegation such as Ma Ming, director of science and technology department of HNU, and Liu Zilan, dean of the graduate schoolthe teachers and students of the Confucius Institute, Chinese students studying in Russia and more than one thousand people from all parts of society.  


Translator: 陈子健 皮香婷



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