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81  Undergraduate Majors in 20 Colleges


Undergraduate    Majors

College    of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Chemistry,    Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Resource Recycling    science and engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering

College    of Commerce

Accounting,    Business Administration, Economics, Marketing, Science of Finance,    International Economy and Trade, Human Resources Management

College    of Educational Science

Pedagogy,    Pre-School Education, Psychology, Applied Psychology, Science of Teaching    Technology, Public Affairs Administration

College    of polytechnic (Vocational and Technical College)

Education    of Machinery Designing Art, Machinery Design and Manufacture and    Automation, Education of Applied Electronic Technology, Electronic    Information Engineering, Dress Design and Culture Education, Education of    Decoration Design and Craft,

College    of Fine Arts

Study    of Fine Arts, Art Designing, Painting

College    of Foreign Studies

English,    Japanese, Russian, Korean, French

College    of History and Culture

History,    Management of Cultural Industry

College    of Journalism and Communication

Art of    Broadcasting and Hosting, Advertising, Directing of Broadcast and    Television, New Media and Information Network Journalism, Journalism of    Broadcast and Television, Study of Edition and Publication,

College    of Law

Science    of Law

College    of Liberal Arts

Chinese    Literature and Linguistics, Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

College    of Life Science

Biological    Technology, Biology

College    of Mathematics and Computer Science

Mathematics    and Applied Mathematics , Software Engineering, Computer Science and    Technology, Statistics, Electronic Commerce, Information and Computation    Science

College    of Medicine

Clinical    Medicine, Pharmacology, Medical Inspection, Preventive Medicine, Nursing

College    of Music

Study    of Music, Study of Dance, Musical Performance

College    of Physical Education

Physical    Education, Science of the Human Body in Sports, Athletic Training, Social    Physical Education, Sports Performance

College    of Physics and Information Science

Science    of Electronic Information and Technology, Telecommunication Engineering,    Physics

College    of Public Administration

Ideological    and Political Education, Labor and Social Guarantee, Administrative Management,    Sociology, Philosophy, Politics and Administration Studies

College    of Resources and Environment Science

Geography,    Management of Land Resources, Geographic Information System, Management of    Resources, Environment and Urban-Rural Planning

College    of Tourism

Tourism    Management, Hotel Management

International    College of Chinese Language and Culture

Chinese    Language