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HNU Lion Dancing Troupe Wins Two First Prizes in 2018 World Dragon & Lion Dance Open Championship

2018-06-22 17:55 






The 2018 International Lion Dancing Open Championship was held in China’s Stone Lion Stadium. About 200 athletes of 18 dragon and lion dance troupes participated in this championship. HNU lion dancing troupe performed well andwon two first prizes respectively in divisions of optional choreography andtraditional choreography, which was another record-breaking achievement after the 2017 Asia Dragon & Lion Dance Championship.


This championship consisted of three events: Dragon Dancing, South School and North School,each with an optional choreography division and traditional choreographydivision. In the Dragon Dancing Event, moved by HNU lion dancing troupe the long dragon quickly shuttled back and forth in the air , the excellent techniques of which were unanimously appreciated by the audience and judges.


As a traditional art in China, lion and dragon dancing symbolize Chinese nationalethos, culture, and sentiment. As a disseminator of culture and a promoter ofnationwide exercise, HNU continues to develop and disseminate our traditionalculture and plays a key role in promoting national ethos and improving people’s fitness.


Translator: 陈玲

Proofreader: 刘璨



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