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Delegate of the University of Murcia Visits HNU

2017-04-29 23:14 李宇凤 蔡雨杏



From April19 to 22, Isabel Ruiz Srrano, delegate from the University of Murcia in Spain,visited HNU to explore the possibilities of further cooperation and communication between the two sides.  


On April19, Ms. Isabel held a meeting for students interested in Murcia. She briefed on the history, environment and faculty of the university and the customs of thecity, and meanwhile introduced the Spanish courses, accommodation assistance and activities for international students.

On April 20, Tang Jianwen, director of OIEC, met with Ms. Isabel to seek possibilitiesof bilateral exchange programs between the two universities. Both agreed that language is one of the main barriers for exchange students. Based on this, the University of Murcia has specifically provided Spanish lessons at different levels for international students.


HNU also welcomes teachers from the University of Murcia to teach Spanish in HNU, which will provide more channels for Chinese students to learn the Spanish language andculture. Besides, the two parties held discussions on setting up language training center, summer camp, Confucius Institute and other programs to furthe rmutual cooperation.


On April 21, journalists of our university conducted an interview with Ms. Isabel,focusing on the study and life of Chinese students in Murcia. She noted,Chinese students, due to their culture which highlights a sense of community,usually well integrate into a new culture and get along with local students. Inaddition, related activities and programs have been arranged to promote international students’ communication with local students. During her talk, she spoke highly of Chinese students for their diligence and excellent performance.

When talking about Changsha, Ms. Isabel deemed it as a booming city which accesses more students to study abroad.

Ms. Isabel emphasized that HNU has long been their important partner. She hoped more students in Murcia will come to China for further study to deepen exchanges and cooperation.    



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