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Li Min Headed a Delegation to Visit The Republic of Uzbekistan

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From November 27 to 28, Li Min,Party Secretary of Hunan Normal University, headed a delegation to visit Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies in Uzbekistan on invitation, and visited the Tashkent government with a mandate from Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Peoples government of Hunan Province.

On November 28,Mananove, president of TSIOS, warmly received Li Min and his party. He introduced the history and the current condition of TSIOS as well as its communication and cooperation with China. He looked forward to a strengthened exchange with HNU in issues such as staff and national standard of oriental language teaching. He hoped that the two sides could have more cooperation in law, economics, international relations and other subjects, and share research resources and achievements.

Li Min expressed gratitude to the hospitality of Mananove. He said China and Uzbekistan were good friends and brothers. Since 2010, with the frequent exchanges between the two universities, HNU has cultivated a group of teachers and students for TSIOS and Uzbekistan, which laid the groundwork for further cooperation. He hoped they could take the opportunity of One Belt One Roadto carry out their cooperation agreement on exchange of teachers and students and scientific researches under the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Uzbekistan. He looked forward to more collaboration between HNU and TSIOS in subjects like nation, humanities, history and society to provide political consultancy for the two governments. Besides, their joint work would promote the friendly cooperation and exchanges between Hunan province and Tashkent, said Li Min.

Li Min and Mananove signed cooperation agreement on scientific research and education in the end, for which the two universities established formal partnership and TSIO became the first friendly university of HNU in Uzbekistan and Central Asia.

The delegation of HNU observed Tashkent Confucius Institute and viewed the books and audio-video contributed by Ms. Peng Liyuan, Chinas First Lady. They exchanged views and discussed the cooperation projects with Di Xiaoxia, Chinese president of TSIOS, and Nacilova, Uzbekistanpresident of TSIOS.

The delegation also exchanged ideas with above 70 Chinese culture experts and Chinese teachers in the 13th Sinology and Silk Road Culture academic seminar. Li Min welcomed experts to cooperate with HNU in researches to enrich bilateral academic exchanges. The representative of Uzbekistan teachers gave Li min his published books of sinology as gifts.

On November 29, the delegation visited Tashkent state government, received by Ekubuhonov, director of Development and Planning Office in state government on behalf State Governor Elgashozayev. Ekubuhonov introduced Tashkent and its economic and social development. He looked forward to strengthening the friendly communication and cooperation with Hunan Province, and welcomed the investment and entrepreneurs from Hunan. Li Min conveyed the wishes from the Office of Foreign and Overseas Affairs in Hunan Province of promoting the relationship as well as the communication and cooperation between Hunan province and Tashkent. He invited the state government leaders to visit Hunan next year. Li Min said that HUM is the top provincial university in Hunan with much emphasis on university globalization, regarding the cultural exchanges and economic and trade cooperation between the bilateral local governments as an own duty. To some extent, Hunan and Tashkent share the similar economic and industrial structure. There are broad prospects for the bilateral cooperation. HUM would continue to work for furthering the cooperation and wished to see the support from Tashkent government in terms of inter-universities exchanges, expressed by Li Min.

During the visit, the delegation was supported by Dr. Luo Qingshan, alumni of Foreign Language College of HUM, friendly representatives for Hunan International Exchange, general manager of the Hunan Aloft Import & Export Trade Limited Company and general representative of the company in Uzbekistan.

The accompanying visitors were Yang Zhen, director of the Development and Planning Office,Tang Jianwen, director of International Exchange and Cooperation, Xiao Beigeng, dean of Law College, Liang Yong, Party Secretary of Medical College and Yan Zhike, director of Russian Department of Foreign Languages College.

Translator  蔡雨杏 李宇凤


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