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OUYANG Yao was born in Ningyuan county, Hunan Province, in December 1962. He's a    Ph.D, second-grade professor, Ph.D program supervisor, member of University    Council and vice president of Hunan Normal University.

Education    Background

Graduate    of Hunan Normal College, Renmin University of China and Hunan University,    MA in Philosophy, Doctor in Economics, postdoctoral researcher of Chinese    Academy of Fiscal Sciences(under Ministry of Finance of PRC), research    scholar of Sanford Institute for Economic Policy Research sponsored by    China Scholarship Council


Work    Experience

Jul.    1981, staff member of governmental institutions

Apr.    2000, director of College Council of Lingling Teachers College

Sept.    2006, chairman of University Council of Hunan    University Of Commerce

Oct.    2014, vice president of Hunan Normal University


Primary    Academic Activities and Achievements

Evaluation expert of The National Social Science Fund of China, leader of National    Characteristic Specialty, vice chairman of The Commerce Economy Association    of China, vice chairman of China Society of Emerging Economies, director of    The Commerce Economy Association of Hunan, winner of Special Government    Allowance granted by the State Council, supported by Program for New    Century Excellent Talents in University, Ministry of Education, selected    member of New Century Talents Project , Ministry of Education, Talents in    Theories, News, Press and Literature and Art, Leader Talents i n Philosophy    and Social Science of national "Ten Thousand Talents Program"

Researcher    on Development Economics, International Economics and The Theories of    Economic Development of Large Countries, organizer of 3 major projects, 1    key project and 1 general project of The National Social Science Fund of    China ,3 major projects and 2 general projects of National Soft Science    Program, 2 projects of National Natural Science Foundation , 1 project of    European Union Foundation

Author    of over 130 theses in Social Sciences in China , Economic    Research Journal , China Economist and    other core journals, 6 of which reprinted by Xinhua Digest ,    representative work The Comprehensive Advantages of Large    Country listed in Contemporary    Economics Series , the English version listed in Classic    Works of China International Publishing , The    Theories of Economic Development of Large Countries included    in National Achievements Library of Philosophy and Social    Sciences , chief editor of Large Country Economics    Series (20 volumes) listed in National Key Books Publishing    Planning Project The 12th Five-year Plan, 1 Distinguished Achievement Award    in Political Economy for the Twenty-first Century, 1 T. K. Ann    International Trade Award, 2 first prizes of Hunan Philosophy and Social    Science Achievements Award, 2 second prizes of Hunan Science and Technology    Progress Award, 1 Hunan Teaching Achievements Award.


In charge of Office of Science and Technology, Office of Social Science, Office of Fixed Assets Management, School of History and Culture and College of Resources and Environmental Science



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