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LI Min

LI Min was born in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province in May 1963. He is a Ph. D, post-doctor, second-grade professor, Ph. D program supervisor and Secretary of the CPC HNU Committee.


Education  Background

Jul. 1985, BE in Locomotive Engineering, Changsha Railway College (now Railway    Campus of Central South University)

1994, visiting scholar in Japan

2000-2003, Ph. D of Science in South Central University


Work    Experience

1985-1993,  counselor, director of University Administration Office etc. in Central    South University

1997,  associate professor

Dec. 2000, director of President's Office

2002, full professor

Dec. 2003, secretary of College Administration Committee and Dean of Hunan    Chemical Vocational Technology College

2004-2006,  post-doctoral researcher of Management Science and Engineering    post-doctoral research station in Hunan University

Dec.  2007, deputy secretary of University Administration Committee and president    of Jishou University

Aug.  2011, secretary of University Administration Committee of Hunan University    of Arts and Science

2014,    second-grade professor

Sep. 2014, secretary of University Administration Committee of Hunan Normal    University

2015, Ph. D program supervisor


Primary Academic Activities and Achievements

Senior researcher on Ideological and Political Work and Higher Education, Management Science and Economics oriented to Business Management, Public Administration, Regional Layout etc., chief director of National    Characteristic Specialty Business Management, backbone of provincial key discipline Regional Economics and provincial scientific and technology    innovation team, and leader of provincial key discipline industrial economics

Chief scientist in 2 projects of Provincial Science Foundation, organizing researcher of 1 major biding project of Provincial Social Science    Foundation, participant in 3 projects of National Social Science Foundation, author of 2 monographs including On the Theory and Practice of the Cooperation of Product, Teaching and Research in Universities of Ethnic Minority Areas to Serve Local Economic Construction, author of over 30 theses including over 10 theses in CSSCI journals such as    China Higher Education

2010,  first prize of provincial Teaching Achievements Award, second prize of provincial Science and Technology Progress Award

Current organizer of post-funded projects supported by National Social Science Foundation, research projects of humanities & social sciences of Ministry of Education etc.



In charge of the CPC HNU Committee, the CPC HNU Committee Office (Security Committee Office), Development Planning Department (211 Project Office) and College of Educational Science.


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